Bots'n'Scouts itself

Bots'n'Scouts is available as free software under the GPL.

You need one of the following packages :

Download and unzip one of the distributions. It includes two files README and INSTALL which contain more information.

Java Runtime Environment

You also need Java 2 for running Bots'n'Scouts. We recommend Version 1.3 for V0.8pre, but it should be running under V1.2 and V1.4, too. If you haven't got a JRE or JDK for Java 2 installed, you may get it from the following location:

For the Brave and Experienced Only

If you are a developer yourself and if maybe there was a long time no release from us, you may want to risk a look into our CVS-repository. Read how to access it and if you have got ant installed simply type 'ant run'.
Sorry, the code is not easy to read because a) we were not as good as now when we started the project and b) huge chunks are still in German. We are working on it...