Bots'n'Scouts Version 0.8.2

An addictive multiplayer networked strategy game inspired by RoboRally, written in Java.


The newest available version is still 0.8.2. Go directly to downloading It includes some smaller optimizations and JDK1.4 compatibility fixes.

We still proudly announce what was new in 0.8:

There really are fans out there! Jude provided a manual!

For those who don't know yet:

Robots make a race through an old factory. Robots don't move like human beings would do - they have to be programmed and execute their programm afterwards. Bad luck if some other robot comes along and pushes you - your programm will still be executed... And maybe you'll race faster if you use the conveyer belts... And don't fall into pits!

The game is inspired by the board game Roborally by Wizards of the Coast(TM). Bots'n'Scouts is based on the idea of the game, but it's different. It is a much faster game (thanks to our scout). Roborally is more communicative and has more challenges like option cards that e.g. provide weapons.

We like both - you should find out yourself: The board game was originally published in the U.S. from Wizards of The Coast (TM). In Germany it's distributed by Amigo-Spiele.
There're lots of other websites to find out more about Roborally. Google yourself.